Christmas wishes 2017
Best wishes from FIPS-Mouche
Member list update
At GA2017 there were 2 new Federations affiliated - Russia and Channel Islands. Member list was updated aacordingly, more details here
Championship table up-to-date
Championship table was updated after GA 2017 in Prague...for more click here
Year  Date Category Country Place Web Status
2018 17-23.Sep World Italy Comano Terme   Approved
2018 23-29.April Masters Spain Asturia   Approved
2018 06-12.Aug Youth Poland Myczkowce   Approved
2018 06-12.June Euro Czech Republic Vyssi Brod   Approved
2019 November World Australia Tasmania   Approved
2019 Feb Masters South Africa - World Games Dullstroom   Approved
2019 late August Youth Czech Rep./Italy Southern Bohemia   Approved
2019 July Euro Montenegro Plav   Approved
2020 August World Finland Kusamo   Approved
2020 July-August Euro Norway Roros   Approved
2020   Masters Czech Republic Moravia   Bid
2020   Youth Bosnia&Herzegovina (conditionaly aproved)   Bid
2022 late September World Italy     Approved




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