James Ferguson passed away...
Dear fly fishing fellows, it is very sad but we have received an information that our friend, former General Secretary, Vice-President as well as President of FIPS-Mouche Mr.James Ferguson passed away peacefully on February 13th 2019, at the age of 90, after a short illness. On behalf of FIPS-Mouche community we express deepest condolence to his closest family. 
James, it was a great honor for all of us to work with you. Rest in peace….

CIPS Congress 2019
will be held 02nd-04th May in Almaty/Kazachstan. FIPS-Mouche agenda and call for motions will follow later on....
WFFC 2019 Tasmania video
Excellent video related to the WFFC Tasmania 2019 available here
Year  Date Category Country Place Web Status
2019 30.Nov-08.Dec World Australia Tasmania (Launceston)   Approved
2019 09.Feb-16.Feb Masters South Africa - World Games Dullstroom   Approved
2019 10.Aug-17.Aug Youth Czech Republic Vyssi Brod/Herbertov   Approved
2019 01.Jul-07.Jul Euro Montenegro Plav   Approved
2020 11.Aug-18.Aug World Finland Kusamo link Approved
2020 July-August Euro Norway Roros   Approved
2020 May/June Masters Czech Republic/Italy Moravia/TBD   Bid
2020 July-August Youth Bosnia&Herzegovina Bihac   Approved
2021   Youth Italy TBD   Bid
2021   Euro Portugal TBD   Bid
2022   World No bid     Bid
2022   Youth Portugal TBD   Bid
2022 19.Sep-25.Sep Masters Canada Merritt British Columbia   Bid
2022   World Spain Asturias   Bid
2024   World France     Bid




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