Member list update
At GA2017 there were 2 new Federations affiliated - Russia and 301 Moved Permanently Channel Islands. Member list was updated aacordingly, more details here
Championship table up-to-date
Championship table was updated after GA 2017 in Prague...for more click here
Officials updated after GA 2017
Based on the results of General Assembly 2017 in Prague, section Officials was updated..for more click here
Frequently asked questions

Q: How can I log-in?
A: Nowdays the log-In/Out funcionality is out of operation as all federation members are being preregistered and they will receive login and

301 Moved Permanently

password via email soon.

Q: Who can be registered?
A: The registration is suitable for new federation members who are applying for membership in FIPS-Mouche.

Q: What is the advantage of being registered member?
A: The registered member
- can access the arcived data
- can access the financial reports
- can access detailed contact data of any other members
- can manage his own profile and
publish the information relevant to the others as well
- is automaticaly notified on each website update per email




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