James Ferguson passed away...
Dear fly fishing fellows, it is very sad but we have received an information that our friend, former General Secretary, Vice-President as well as President of FIPS-Mouche Mr.James Ferguson passed away peacefully on February 13th 2019, at the age of 90, after a short illness. On behalf of FIPS-Mouche community we express deepest condolence to his closest family. 
James, it was a great honor for all of us to work with you. Rest in peace….

CIPS Congress 2019
will be held 02nd-04th May in Almaty/Kazachstan. FIPS-Mouche agenda and call for motions will follow later on....
WFFC 2019 Tasmania video
Excellent video related to the WFFC Tasmania 2019 available here
Frequently asked questions

Q: How can I log-in?
A: Nowdays the log-In/Out funcionality is out of operation as all federation members are being preregistered and they will receive login and password via email soon.

Q: Who can be registered?
A: The registration is suitable for new federation members who are applying for membership in FIPS-Mouche.

Q: What is the advantage of being registered member?
A: The registered member
- can access the arcived data
- can access the financial reports
- can access detailed contact data of any other members
- can manage his own profile and publish the information relevant to the others as well
- is automaticaly notified on each website update per email




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